Nostalgia and Technology survey- A student project

The above link is to a survey I have created for my university Photomedia project, using The survey is aimed at people who have relocated from Devon or Somerset to Bristol, but can be answered by anyone who wants to.

With the survey, I hope to find out about what objects, sounds, smells ect  give people feelings of nostalgia. I also would like to know about how they use photography and internet technologies.

If you know anyone who could answer the survey, please share.


ImageMy housemates and I, all being either students with families that can’t afford to support us, or unemployed, are about to run out of money, and have been looking at the different ways that we can eat for free. 

Some of you may be surprised to know that there are lots of ways we can feed ourselves, without having to spend anything at all.

Here are three ways in which it is possible to scrounge, with no sitting on the streets with a sign and a cup:

  • Re- growing food from kitchen scraps- I’m pretty sure you can’t regrow bits of meat, bread, sweets etc (apart from maybe the help of a laboratory and a degree in science), but it is easily possible to regrow some vegetables and herbs by giving their ends a bit of TLC. Onions, for example, the most useful for cooking, are also the easiest to reuse. 

Just cut off the root end of your onion, leaving a ½ inch of onion on the roots. Place it in a sunny position in your garden and cover the top with soil. Ensure the soil is kept moist. Onions prefer a warm sunny environment, so if you live in a colder climate, keep them in pots and move them indoors during frostier months.

As you use your home-grown onions, keep re-planting the root ends you cut off, and you’ll never need to buy onions again.- 

*As well as onions, Wake Up World has 15 more how tos on regrowing food, from pineapples to potatoes. Well worth a read.*

  • Skipping- No, I’m not talking about skipping with a rope here, although I’m sure, if you were entertaining enough with one, you could probably busk for food! I’m actually talking about the act of searching supermarket skips for eats. Supermarkets throw away food items like there is no tomorrow. A ridiculous waste, that always has at least a few days left till it is bad to consume. If you are scared of getting a little dirty, then this is definitely not for you, but perhaps I can tempt you with the list of booty I have witnessed harvested from just one supermarket skip on a sunday night (I will not name said supermarket, but, if I tell you that it is associated with being the UK’s supermarket for wealthier customers, I’m sure you can hazard a guess.); crab pate, 6 lettuces, 12 apples, luxury beef stock, 4 packs of chorizo pieces, 2 packs of beetroot, loads of sausages, burgers, meatballs, humous, 2 packs of chopped beef, one marrow, a bag of potatoes. Many of these items stayed fresh in the fridge for about a week, and the meat could all be frozen. WARNING: THIS IS KIND OF ILLEGAL (YOU WOULD BASICALLY BE TRESPASSING. THOUGH I DON’T KNOW ANYONE THAT HAS GOT IN MORE TROUBLE THAN A BRIEF TELLING OFF), SO BE SNEAKY AND DO NOT GET CAUGHT! I suggest going in the cover of darkness, the later the better. 
  • Local Foodbanks and Projects- These are places where food is donated and given to the needy. They are mainly for homeless people, but I am sure if you are desperate, you will not be turned away. In my local area of Bristol, there are foodbanks located all over the city, including the NW Bristol foodbank. There is also a really great place called the Wild Goose Cafe, in Stapleton Road, Easton, where you can eat free (usually) hot meal three times a day. 

So, I hope these few tips can help to keep your bellies full when you most need it. Please don’t forget, when you do have extra money, food or even time, donate to projects, such as the ones above, so that others in the same situation can get some grub too. 




So it’s Valentines day, which I’m sure many of you are very excited about. Well I am not. I really just do not understand the fuss. Granted, I myself am one half of an extremely loved up couple- I know that will leave any of you singletons out there questioning my understanding of the trials and tribulations you are facing in your quest for love, but I just think it’s crap.

There are many reasons why I think it is so crap. I’m not just a sourpuss. Honest. Although, I do really like cats and toxic lollies.

One reason is that it puts so much pressure on your relationship to do something ‘romantic’ on this one day. As mentioned, and I don’t want to make you all sick, but my boyfriend and I are very much in love. I know he loves me. He doesn’t get me cards or flowers, or get aeroplanes to write it in the sky, I just know he does. We’ve been together for three years now (today in fact we count as our anniversary, but only because we couldn’t actually remember what day we got together, just that it was around that week!), and spending every waking hour that we possibly can together after all these years surely proves his love.

But, when he had to attend the funeral of a deceased Great Aunt (RIP) in London today/ tonight, instead of spending the day with me, I was traumatised. I had visions of happy couples rowing together in little boats along the waterfront and feeding each other from their plates of oysters/lobsters/chocolate fondue, or whatever, at the Canteen, as I walk past on my own, in the rain, with no one to love me.

Don’t you think that’s ridiculous? I’ve told you I know he loves me, why should he be pressurised to prove it?

Now, on to you single people, as I haven’t forgotten what that was like for me, and having a mother that has been, for the main part, single for the last 11 years, I have witnessed the feelings of great depression that this day can bring. All I can say on this note is to ask yourself why you are single. Maybe you just prefer it this way. My single friends seem to have a lot more fun, with no one else to worry about and nobody else’s interests to get in the way. And, some people just plain don’t have time for a relationship, some people have big places they want to go in life that a partner may make all the more difficult.

If you do want a relationship, why the hell should it all come down to getting one today? From past experience, I can tell you that you are more likely to find love when you aren’t looking for it. Men prefer a woman who is fun, sexy and confident in herself, not a desperado.

The final reason I will share is that it is a pile of commercial bollocks. It seems every business is buying into our pining to feel loved. Restaurants charge more, adverts urge you to buy someone’s love with anything from perfume to funeral plans (Seriously! See picture below!) and shops spew out cards that a Disney character has had sex with a flower on, and then vomited all over (the theme of this blog is vomit).


Do you know why Valentine’s day actually came about? No? Well no one else really seems to either. Apparently it is all down to some Roman saint named Valentinus. There is no real link with him and romance, he is a christian martyr (just plain fucked up) whose name has, for some reason, been used. There are also links with feasts (which I’m sure many of us will raise a glass to, by comfort eating whilst watching a film including Jennifer Aniston, which will only make you feel worse about yourself). Any other valentine stuff seems to be just people writing awkward poems, such as this monstrosity, and BUYING EACH OTHER STUFF!

To cap it all off I’ll end by saying, fuck Clinton Cards, fuck heart holding teddies, and FUCK VALENTINES DAY (those of you who really are desperate, please don’t take this literally, unless inanimate objects are your thing, which is I guess is ok). You are all wonderful, beautiful people, and you don’t need a plane in the sky to tell you that.